Annual Report 2018

Reporting benchmarks

Our Annual report(s) are externally benchmarked.

Among others, we participate in the Transparency Benchmark, which is conducted by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs across 500 companies. This benchmark indicates how transparent companies are perceived in their reporting. GrandVision took an important step forward in the benchmark, going from 161st in 2016 to an overall ranking of 84th in 2017. In the retail sector we are placed 3rd with a total of 147 of 200 points. We are aware that there is still room for improvement and we have the ambition to maintain and improve our transparency ranking.

From 2017 the benchmark has been performed every two years and criteria as been updated. This combined

report will be subject to 2019 benchmark.

The Tax Transparency Benchmark aims to contribute to the debate around ‘good tax governance’ and ‘paying your fair share in taxes’ by presenting a clear picture of the state of socially responsible tax governance by multinational companies listed in the Netherlands.

The benchmark is conducted by the Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO). We have been participating in this benchmark since 2015. In this comparative study of 76 Dutch-listed companies, GrandVision ranked 7th in 2018.

Below is an overview of benchmarks we have participated in over recent years along with our scores, rankings and progress.

Rating agency




CDP (The Carbon Disclosure Project)


Rank: n/a
Score: C-

Rank: 30/89 (in NL)
Score: C

Dutch Transparency Benchmark

Points: 76/200

Rank: 84/500
Score: 147/200

New regulations - next
Benchmarking in 2019

VBDO (The Association of Investors for Sustainable Development)

Rank: 41/68
Points: 11/39

Rank: 35/76
Score: 14/37

Rank: 17-21/76
Score: 17/35



Rank: n/a
Score: 60/80

Rank: 6/139
Score: 74/80

Vigeo Eiris

Score: 23 points

Score: 25 points

Next benchmarking in 2019




Rank: 83%
Score: 3.8/5