Annual Report 2018

Meet Aylin and Flavio

At GrandVision we have long recognized the benefits of international mobility among our employees. We asked our colleagues Aylin and Flavio to explain what motivated them to advance their careers in a new country and the next achievement they’re looking forward to at GrandVision HQ.

Aylin Kucukkazes - HR Business Partner, GV HQ

She first joined GrandVision in 2012 as HR Business Partner at Atasun Optik, our Turkish business. After six great years she relocated to the Netherlands to work for the Headquarters of GrandVision on a temporary assignment and is now being transferred to corporate headquarters on a permanent basis as of 2019.

What made you take an interest in Human Resources?

I always knew I loved analytics, but I wanted a profession that was about people and not analytics alone. While growing up and studying I realized that HR is where my heart is. It has been about 10 years now and I have not regretted it a single day.

What gives you the most satisfaction in your job?

Making a difference in someone’s life. The business partner role supports the happiness of employees when they contribute to the growth of GrandVision and I like to help them achieve that. We grow together with the company and we can only do our job when we run together.

What is the next thing you want to achieve?

There are still many aspects of HR that I want to advance myself in. I am passionate about getting the overall HR experience and learn more about talent management. As a generalist, I will advance my knowledge and help in all aspects of HR in GrandVision. Later on in my career, I am willing to share my knowledge and experience with others through mentoring and other platforms.

What elements are key for establishing a strong employer brand?

In my view, every company should go inside out. First, understand what your employees want and need and then address that. Secondly, clarify your outside target group and build a strategy to attract them. Employees are the biggest ambassadors of the brand and only a well communicated brand can be long-lasting.

Flavio Groger - Contact Lens Team, GV HQ

Flavio Groger joined GrandVision in Brazil in 2012. Six years later, he began his new role at GrandVision Headquarters in the Netherlands as Contact Lens Concept & Brand Content Manager.

Flavio, what made you take an interest in retail branding?

Working in retail operations has been my ambition since my early college years. The speed of having things done and seeing the direct impact in customer experience is one of things that excites me the most about my work GrandVision.

What gives you most satisfaction in your job?

It’s a great opportunity to be in touch with colleagues from different countries, learn about their market and find out what works best in their local operations. For me, these are among the best ingredients for developing a global strategy.

What's the next thing you want to achieve?

We have unique operations across the globe, so I’ve seen a lot of different efforts from different countries. Most of them create a positive customer experience, but I think there’s always the opportunity to find a common denominator behind all these efforts, so customers perceive GrandVision as the big international company that it is.

What elements are key to a successful contact lens brand?

The whole contact lens journey is unique and sometimes arduous. In my opinion, making this experience as smooth as possible is the key to establishing a great contact lens brand.