Annual Report 2018

31. Contingencies

31.1 Contingent Liabilities

Accounting Policy
Contingent liabilities are possible or present obligations of sufficient uncertainty that it does not qualify for recognition as a provision, unless it is assumed in a business combination (note 4). Contingent liabilities are reviewed continuously to assess whether an outflow of resources has become probable.

Summary of Group's contingent liabilities

As a multinational company being present in many jurisdictions the Group is involved in a number of tax proceedings. In November 2015 the Group received a report from the German tax authorities following their tax audit covering Apollo-Optik in the years 2008-2012. This report included findings and viewpoints of the tax authorities on German VAT aspects. The Group is contesting the viewpoints of the German tax authorities on the tax position and will defend its position vigorously, if needed in court. As the Group is sufficiently confident to sustain its position on this matter, no provision has been recognized in the consolidated financial statements. If the Group is unsuccessful in resolving this matter, the exposure, including the period after 2012, is €26 million. Formalities are proceeding at this stage and did not result in changes in 2018.

31.2 Operating Lease Commitments

The future aggregate minimum lease payments under non-cancellable operating leases are as follows:

in thousands of EUR

31 December 2018

31 December 2017

Not later than 1 year



Later than 1 year and not later than 5 years



Later than 5 years





The lease commitments relate mainly to the lease of the Group's own stores and leases for stores that are subleased to the Group's franchisees. Lease commitments also include leases for offices, warehouses, vehicles and equipment. The Group has the option, under some of its leases, to lease the assets for an additional period or to terminate early. Some of the Group's leases include a clause to increase the fixed minimum rental charge based on achieved revenue targets. The rental charge is also affected by changes in indexation.

The amounts in 2018 contain lease extension options which are legally not yet exercised, but for which management has assessed that it is reasonably certain that these options will be exercised by the Group in the future.