Annual Report 2018

Risk culture

GrandVision’s risk management is supported by its risk culture and enhanced by its values and policies. The organization aims to continually increase risk awareness through communication and training.

Employees at all levels of the organization are expected to be aware of GrandVision’s business principles, which are fundamental for how the company operates and for the behavior of its people.

GrandVision’s risk culture can be described as having the following qualities:

  • Disciplined. As a global retailer with more than 7,000 locations around the world, discipline, standard operating procedures, policies and a low level of tolerance of deviations is inherent to the company’s culture.
  • Entrepreneurial. GrandVision continually aims for growth in order to serve more and more customers around the world. The company does not shy away from taking calculated business risks and is continuously evolving its business model.
  • Pragmatic. The company aims to avoid bureaucracy and perfectionism and is driven by effectiveness and cost consciousness.