Annual Report 2018

Meet Maja and Onur

Meet Maja and Onur – one is an optometrist at Synoptik in Sweden, while the other is an optician at Atasun in Turkey. What they have in common is their passion for service and a deep understanding of our customers' needs.

Maja Kalm – Synoptik, Sweden

Maja Kalm started working as an optometrist at Synoptik in Sweden in 2009 soon after finishing her bachelor’s degree in Optometry. She is proud to see how her company has grown.

What made you become an optometrist?

MK: In optometry you combine healthcare, sale, fashion and craftsmanship, and so I’ve always liked that diversity. In a single day I perform eye and vision tests, I fit contact lenses and refer suspected eye conditions to the ophthalmologist. Since every costumer is different, these make each day interesting and new.

What gives you most satisfaction in your job?

MK: I'm an outgoing person so I love interacting with people and giving them my full attention. I also love working closely with my colleagues and finding the best solution for each costumer. The greatest satisfaction comes when we exceed our costumer’s expectations.

What is the next big thing on your list?

MK: Next year I’ll combine my work with studying Diagnostic Optometry at Karolinska Institute. This is an advanced educational program to expand my knowledge to give more thorough eye exams and grow as a professional. This is an opportunity Synoptik has given me.

How do you look to establish a successful relationship with a customer?

MK: I try to make the customers feel appreciated and important. I'm also thorough and responsive in the exams and straightforward in my communication with them. I really believe in the products we sell, and so customers sense my confidence and it makes them reassured and satisfied.

Onur Deli – Atasun, Turkey

Onur recently joined the Atasun family at the Istiklal Street Store. He is a very ambitious optician who wants to become a store manager, and maybe one day work at GrandVision Headquarters.

When did you join Atasun Optik?

OD: I recently joined the Atasun family in January 2018.

Why did you choose to become and optician?

OD: I chose this profession because I always wanted to work in the health care sector. Also, working at Atasun gives me many opportunities to grow, develop and have interesting career challenges.

What do you like best at your job?

OD: I like to help people. I like to give advice and follow the customer throughout their 'journey' – from walking into our store with a problem or a wish, to coming out after receiving the right product and/or service.

What is the next thing you want to achieve in your profession?

OD: I'd like to be a store manager and maybe one day a regional manager. If I'm given the opportunity, I'd like to join GrandVision at a corporate level.

What is your secret for establishing a successful relationship with a client?

OD: The rule of thumb is to understand the customer's needs first, and then offer them the right help and advice.