Annual Report 2018

Emerging trends

While we focus on managing existing risks, we always keep an open mind to imminent emerging risks (and opportunities) that can significantly impact us. During 2018, several emerging trends could be identified.

While the global economy is developing favorably in general, rising nationalism and populism can impact the economies of specific regions or countries.

Another trend is the continued increase of regulations and compliance requirements in many areas, such as data privacy, on the one hand, while on the other hand, optical markets are becoming less subsidized by healthcare systems as governments aim to contain healthcare cost.

In global retail, the trend that continues to be very important is the shift of customer behavior in relation to digital and the resulting, and welcomed by GrandVision, price transparency in the market. Finally, it can be noted that the scarcity of talent, particularly in the area of qualified opticians but also other specialists, is generally increasing.