Annual Report 2018

Meet Noemi and Selina

Noemi and Selina are two of our opticians helping customers in Hungary and China. Working on opposite sides of the globe, they share the same passion for service and GrandVision's mission of providing the best eye care to customers every day.

Noemi Szilasi – Ofotért, Hungary

Noemi began working as an apprentice optician for Ofotért, Hungary, in 1991. Almost 30 years later, she is living proof that in eye care, we care more.

Noemi, what made you become an optician?

NS: My interest in eye health started when I was sitting a lot of school exams. I was suffering from recurring headaches until I couldn’t take it anymore, so I visited the local Ofotért store to have my eyes checked. The whole experience made a big impression on me; from the eye test itself, to being able to select the frame I wanted. At that moment I decided I wanted to work in the industry and by September of the following year I was greeting customers from the other side of the counter as an apprentice optician.

What gives you most satisfaction in your job?

NS: To see my customers leaving the store wearing a brand new pair of glasses and a big smile on their face, just as I did several years ago. To achieve this we have to work jointly with customers to find the best solution to their needs. This means listening properly to understand their problem, and having a very strong knowledge of our lens and frame portfolio. Clients may realize their eyesight isn’t what it used be, but they need our help to find the best solution.

How do you look to establish a successful relationship with them?

NS: As I often say to my colleagues, our industry is one where personal relationships are very important to success. I always try to show the love I have for this profession to my colleagues so that they also work with dedication and passion.

What is the next thing you want to achieve?

NS: A huge dream of mine came true when I became an optometrist and later a store manager. But my love for this profession just keeps me going further, so nowadays I’m also supporting my colleagues as a Field Manager.

Selina – GrandVision, China

Selina began working at GrandVision China in 2015 as an optometrist. We talked to her about her role within the organization and what she enjoys most while working.

Selina, what made you want to become an optician?

I’ll never forget one day when I was a kid, I found my grandma’s glasses and put them on. They made me so dizzy but my grandma told me that whenever she wore them, she felt very comfortable. I really didn’t get it! I think a part of me decided to find out why and that’s what made me become an optometrist.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I know some of our customers have tried other places before, but with a bit of the guidance I can give them, they realize they’re able to see more clearly and without feeling uncomfortable. Being able to do this makes me very proud.

What is the next thing you want to achieve?

My next big goal is a personal one. I want to raise my son well so that he becomes a good person and citizen.

What is your “recipe” for establishing a successful relationship with a customer?

Always listen first. Listening carefully to customers’ needs and their feedback gives you the best understanding of how to help them.