Annual Report 2018

Meet Marcin and Bahar

Our opticians Marcin and Bahar, at VisionExpress Poland and Atasun Turkey, share the same ambitions, goals and know how to establish a successful relationship with their customers. Let's take a look at their stories.

Marcin Jastrzębski – Vision Express, Poland

A veteran at Vision Express in Poland, Marcin has worked for the business since 1996, starting as sales assistant before working his way through the stages to become store manager.

Marcin, why did you become an optician?

MJ: I first took an interest in optometry as a teenager when I started wearing glasses and had an opportunity to see what an optician’s work was all about. It really is a craft, or a process leading to the creation of a fully customized product.

Which part of your work do you find the most satisfying?

MJ: I enjoy solving technical problems because they’re always a good opportunity to learn and expand my competencies. But what gives me the most satisfaction is a job well done: the feeling I get when a customer leaves the store with a smile. Quality of service is fundamental for the success of our business.

How do you make sure this quality of service is being delivered?

MJ: It may seem like a cliché, but you need to treat your customer the same way you’d like to be treated yourself, and make sure they know they’re talking to a professional.

What is the next goal on your list?

MJ: Working together with my team, we want to achieve an even stronger position in the local market. We want Vision Express to be synonymous with the highest quality.

Bahar Tās, Atasun, Turkey

Bahar Tās joined Atasun Optik around five years ago. What drives her is the satisfaction of providing a good service to the customers.

Bahar, why did you chose to work in optical retail?

BT: I always wanted to work in a health care related area because helping people gives me a good feeling. Working at Atasun gives me the opportunity to use my knowledge and expertise to help others.

What gives you most satisfaction in your job?

BT: Finding a solution for people's problems, watching their reaction when receiving the help they needed makes me happy. That's what I enjoy most in my job, everyday.

What is your secret for establishing a successful relationship with a customer?

BT: A good relationship with a customer can be established by being a good communicator, and having a friendly approach. It is also very important to be emphatic; one has to be able to put himself in the customer's shoes, in order to understand their needs.

What is the next goal on your list?

BT: I would like to further learn and grow and eventually become a store manager. And I believe that Atasun is the right place to achieve my professional ambition.