Annual Report 2018

Optician for the social media age

Finland’s leading optical brand Instrumentarium has always looked for innovative ways to bring eye care closer to the people. It recently launched an innovative campaign to help locals find expert eye healthcare advice on mainstream web and social media channels.

"We knew Finnish people increasingly prefer to research information about eye health on online forums", explains Jan Koskinen, Marketing Director at Instrumentarium. “But we came to realize there were very few professional resources available to them in Finnish that were approachable. So, we saw an opportunity to provide this type of high-quality content.”

Instrumentarium launched a production concept based on a combination of motion graphics and video to create online content that is fresh, memorable and positively different. The videos, which were shared on Facebook, Youtube and Google among several other channels, contain professional but easy-to-understand answers to eye health questions that are often difficult to explain.

Videos are search engine-optimized so they’re easy to find, while the content also supports the business as an inbound channel. Video audiences are later retargeted for tactical campaigns, such as discount offers and the videos themselves are integrated with campaign themes. To find out what kind of themes people were looking for, Instrumentarium used social listening tools and interviewed store personnel. Furthermore, it casted its own opticians as the stars of the videos.

“Our opticians speak from human to human without using difficult words or terms,” share Eveliina Rantahalvari and Ida Paulamäki, part of the Instrumentarium team that brought the social media optician concept to life. “We wanted to make our brand more approachable and warm-hearted as our personnel really are in our stores! So, we made them the stars and brought them closer to our customers, and we see that this has made them extremely proud!”