Annual Report 2018 a pure online player for sunglasses

Launched in 2011, was already one the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands by the time it was acquired by GrandVision Benelux in late 2017. As the country’s largest pure online player for sunglasses, it has cemented an enviable reputation for excellence in customer service and experience.

One year on and the brand continues to thrive in its segment of the online market, which is not served by other GrandVision banners.

This separation has given it the focus and flexibility it needs to operate effectively. Even so, it has leveraged GrandVision’s scale and position to improve its website traffic, conversion rates and overall competitiveness. It is also helping GrandVision strengthen its other e-commerce propositions through its infrastructure. is now preparing for its next growth stage with major IT improvements, upgrades to its team and organization, and the optimization of its office and warehouse assets. All its core activities – marketing, web design, customer service, logistics, etc. – are performed in-house to support its integral approach to e-commerce.

This approach helps it to ensure the highest level of service and has recently allowed it to extend its cut-off times for next-day delivery to 11:00 pm. Furthermore, it is nurturing a strong company culture and a healthy working environment in order to create a pool of top e-commerce expertise.